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GHOUM SILK Rug MJ3040 (3'5"x5')

The 3’5”x5’ Ghoum from Iran. With an all silk pile and foundation, this carpet is wonderful to ..

$8,685.00 $6,948.00

GHOUM SILK Rug MJ3042 (3'5"x5'2")

The 3’5” x 5’2” Ghoum from Iran. This finely woven all silk rug has 625 knots per square inch. ..

$10,485.00 $8,388.00

NAIN Rug MJ3032 (3'5"x5')

 The 3’5” x 5’ Nain from Iran. Nain is a city and weaving area that is in central Iran and..

$1,785.00 $1,190.00

Tabriz Rug MJ3179 (3'5"x5')

The 3’5” x 5’ Tabriz from Iran. This lightly colored wool and silk combination carpet has an iv..

$3,585.00 $2,390.00

Tabriz Rug MJ3188 (3'5"x5')

The 3’5” x 5’ Tabriz from Iran. This carpet balances looking light, but not venturing into the ..

$3,495.00 $2,330.00

Tabriz Rug MJ3191(3'5"x5')

The 3’5” x 5’ Tabriz from Iran.  This is one of the few finely woven and lightly colored g..

$3,570.00 $2,380.00