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Let's make ourselves comfortable and design a 12' x 15' master bedroom. Oh, and while we're at it, let's choose a queen size bed (60" x 80"). What size rug will this bedroom accommodate?

The room will certainly take a 9' x 12' carpet, and maybe even a 10' x 14'. But wait a minute--do we really want to do this? No matter how we arrange the bed, we'll cover a good chunk of the carpet, meaning that we won't really get to enjoy the full beauty and utility of the rug. There is also the problem of the inevitable dust bunnies that will come to live under the bed. It's much easier to clean a bare floor!
Instead of a big carpet in the bedroom, lots of our customers use several scatter rugs to fill areas around the bed as needed. For instance, a 4' x 6' at the foot of the bed and a 2'6" x 10' runner and 3' x 5' on either side of the bed means that you can still roll out in the morning onto a soft, warm, lovely Oriental rug. Plus, you've paid for 64 sq. ft. of rug instead of 108 sq. ft.!


 12' x 15' bedroom      
with brown floor;
navy queen bed on
red 9' x 12' carpet

 12' x 15' bedroom      
with brown floor;
navy queen bed and
4' x 6', 3' x 5',
and 2'6" x 10 rugs

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